No one of the things which exist in the world-order would last for any length of time were it not for all the rest. On the contrary, if a single thing were to fail, all would disappear; for all things come into existence from the same necessity and are sustained by one another.
Alcmaeon of Croton, 5th Century B.C.
If Man had originally inhabited a world as blankly uniform as a “high rise” housing development, as featureless as a parking lot, as destitute of life as an automated factory, it is doubtful that he would have had a sufficiently varied experience to retain images, mold languages, or acquire ideas.
Lewis Mumford
…we commonly define ourselves by what we do and what we have to show for it, and we obsess daily over all the things we have to do or want to do—to which end we ceaselessly calculate and scheme and schematize and manage and anticipate. And so what if we are out of touch with our bodies and our breath? So what if we have forgotten how to relate to the world as it is and are almost never fully present in it? Look at what we are accomplishing, and at what we still need to get done, and at what we should be doing now.

Philip ShepherdNew Self New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century